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A Presentation

Date & Time:

Monday 08 October starting at 7.30 pm


Club Rooms

Hazel Avenue

(See Map)

Presenter: Dick Smith

Come along and see and hear Dick Smith give a presentation in his own humorous way from his interests as a school boy where his mothers father inspired his interest in radio, to his ideas, achievements, tribulations and setbacks leading to his electronics business becoming a multi-million dollar enterprise with branches throughout Australia and New Zealand.

This presentation was recorded at the WIA 100th centenary function in Canberra.

Time permitting a presentation of Dick Smiths helicopter circumnavigation of the world may also be presented.


Spectrum Magazine

Through our Institute's relationship with the Auckland VHF Group, we gain access to their magazine, Spectrum.  You can find the current issue here.  Back issues are available on the Groups website www.qsl.net/zl1bq in the Newsletter section. Our thanks to the VHF Group for permitting access.

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