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Local Meetings

Auckland VHF Group



Coast Guard Rescue Centre : Mechanics Bay

Date & Time:

Monday 09 July starting at 7.30 pm


Meet at the Rescue Centre at 7 pm


A visit has been arranged to the Coast Guard building at Mechanics Bay on Tamaki
Drive where a guided tour will take place.  Parking will be available at the Rescue
Centre through the gates.  If this is full then park on Tamaki Drive.

Gather in Room Two downstairs for a briefing.
The operating areas will be visited in small groups


Spectrum Magazine

Through our Institute's relationship with the Auckland VHF Group, we gain access to their magazine, Spectrum.  You can find the current issue here.  Back issues are available on the Groups website www.qsl.net/zl1bq in the Newsletter section. Our thanks to the VHF Group for permitting access.

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