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Galaxy-hunting tech used to stop poachers hunting endangered animals

For the first-time technology being used to identify far off galaxies is now being pointed back at Earth to help protect endangered species from the threat of poachers. Scientists and researchers from the UK are in the process of conducting trial using infrared cameras which will be able to detect and identify the unique thermal signatures of animals and humans. The hope is that the technology can help game wardens and conservationists to better track animals and for poachers to be identified and stopped earlier. You can read more about the technology here.

Thanks to Malcolm Wheeler for the link

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Competenz are offering two years free fees from 1st January 2018 the costs will be paid by the employer.



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Eleven states sue EPA for voiding HFC regulation

A coalition of Attorneys General challenge EPA's guidance that rescinded its authority to regulate HFCs in response to prior court ruling.

New York Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood, leading a coalition of 11 Attorneys General, on Wednesday filed suit in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District Columbia Circuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) challenging its decision to completely void 2015 regulations pertaining to the use of HFCs.

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Changes at Refrigerant License Trust

You may have already heard the cheery voice of Melanie Thorne on the phone in recent weeks. Melanie hailing from a private tertiary provider, has joined us as Training Administrator for RLNZ and is picking things up wonderfully.

Welcome aboard Melanie






NZIOB Building Legends Workshop - Construction Management

The NZIOB is pleased to announce that with the support of Carters, the Institutes ambition of creating a suite of training workshops that are specifically targeted at construction managers, has been realised. Titled, Building Legends, the workshops will see todays industry legends passing on their skills and experience to create a pool of highly skilled construction managers, who will in turn become tomorrows industry legends.

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New Chair for EMANZ

The Energy Management Association of New Zealand today announced it has a new Chair.

Yvonne Gilmore of Christchurch City Council has taken over from Scott Noyes, who announced he would be stepping down at the recent EMANZ AGM.

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Job Board



Seeking Digital Marketing Specialist to join IRHACE

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Health and Safety




Reporting notifiable incidents for failure of pressure safety valves when identified as safety critical elements at Major Hazard Facilities

The purpose of this bulletin is to present WorkSafes position on when an operator should report a notifiable incident following failure of a pressure safety valve (PSV) identified as a safety critical element (SCE) at a Major Hazard Facility.

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Site Safe Evening of Celebration 2018

Site Safe is proud to celebrate health and safety in the construction industry by hosting Site Safe's Graduation and Construction Health and Safety Awards. The evening is about recognising and awarding people and organisations for their hard work in making our workplaces safer.

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International News




1st IIR International Conference on the Application of HFO Refrigerants

The Institute of Refrigeration is proud to announce that it will be hosting the 1st IIR International Conference on the Application of HFO Refrigerants. The conference will take place on the 2nd -5th September 2018 in the centre of Birmingham at Austin Court Conference Centre.

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July 2018


Welcome to Real Skills from the Industry Training Federation (ITF), bringing you monthly news from ITOs, industry training and apprenticeships.

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VET "No Frills" Conference

The 27th National Vocational Education and Training Research Conference 'No Frills' is coming up in Sydney on 15-17 August. This year it is being co-hosted with the Industry Training Federation and Ako Aotearoa.

The conference, "Skills for a Global Future: Working and Learning Together", provides the opportunity for those working in the VET sector to come together to hear and talk about the opportunities and challenges that exist in the vocational education and training sector. From a New Zealand perspective it is an opportunity to network with our Australian counterparts and other international presenters.

We'd like to see a good contingent from this side of the Tasman! The conference programme and registration can be foundhere.


Tuia Te Ako 2018

Ako Aotearoa and the Industry Training Organisations are co-hosting Tuia Te Ako 2018 and it promises to be an exciting event providing a wonderful opportunity for ITOs, industry and employers to showcase their vision, mahi and people through interactive workshops and displays.

Tertiary education and industry training leaders will gather at the conference in Tmaki Makaurau to discuss advancement of Mori teaching and learning over 1 3 August. 
Central to the conference programme is teaching and learning with an emphasis on models of teaching practices which deliver success for Mori.

Tuia Te Ako will be attended by Hon Minister Willie Jackson, Minister of Employment. Over the three days, nearly 50 leaders of industry, community and entrepreneurship will share their experiences of bringing mtauranga Mori into sectors such as architecture, construction, health and primary industries.  
For more information and to register go  here.


New qualifications arm managers with the right skills for the front lines

Skills Active Aotearoa, the industry training organisation for sport and recreation, has launched a new pathway for leaders on the front lines in sport, exercise, community recreation, snowsport, outdoor recreation and performing arts. Read more.


Collision Repair Association Apprentices of the Year announced

Two MITO apprentices have been named 2017 CRA Apprentices of the Year at the annual Collision Repair Association Conference in Rotorua. Read more.


From Startup to Kickstart

Like a lot of young people, Fraser Pattie wasnt entirely sure what he wanted to do when he left school. Hed always assumed he would go to university, but as he approached his final year, he started leaning more and more towards a career in the trades and services. His friend who worked as an apprentice refinisher at Babbage & McCullough, Timaru, suggested he come along one day to check it out and see if it was something he might be interested in. Read more.


Call for more workers to join health and wellbeing sectors

A shortage in care and support services is looming as the New Zealand population ages. In the next three years an extra 16,000 carers and support workers will be needed across healthcare, aged care and disability sectors.
Read more.


A cut and a korero

From models to Mayors, 18-year-old barbering apprentice Tui Moreli has learnt to chat with people from all walks of life since starting work at Wellingtons Cuba Barbers. Read more.


Dairy processing provides new career path for Kelly

Feeding the most vulnerable members of our population is a big responsibility one which dairy processing expert Kelly Edmonds takes very seriously. Read more.


Sami climbs to the top of her game

Sami Baker clearly remembers driving past a crew of arborists in Christchurch years ago who were dangling from trees holding chainsaws and thinking that would be a dream job. Read more.


Girls with Hi-Vis® opens doors to 350 potential new staff

More than 350 women throughout the country took the opportunity to experience the Infrastructure Industry 'hands on' in June. The annual Girls with Hi-Vis® (GWHV) initiative saw companies in the Civil, Energy, Telecommunication and 3Waters industries open their doors for a day, specifically to women interested in knowing more about what they do and the career opportunities available. Read more.


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In order to ensure the building and construction sector continues to enhance New Zealands social and economic performance, we will provide a quarterly update to our key stakeholders on what is coming up.  This is the first of these regular updates.


This update gives a broad overview of the branch work programme, the key managers and their responsibilities, and an outline of what is coming up as we aim to transform the performance of the building sector. 




Building Controls Update

4 July 2018 No. 232

On 4 July 2018 MBIE released an addendum to the original Independent Panel's investigation report into the partial floor collapse that occurred at Wellington's Statistics House during the 14 November 2016 Kaikoura earthquake.

The original investigation looked at the building design, construction and land influences that could have affected the performance of the building. The expert Panel published a report of its findings in March 2017.

Statistics House was subsequently demolished in December 2017 and January 2018. During this process, the engineering consultant engaged to monitor the demolition observed that the seating provided for some of the precast concrete floor units was less than what was shown on the original design documents. This new information led MBIE to reconvene the expert Panel to determine whether this new information would change the findings made in the original report.

The Panel has now issued an addendum to the original investigation report. The Panel concluded that the evidence of short seatings for the precast concrete floor units does not change the original conclusions about the primary cause of the partial floor collapse.

The Panel has presented three new recommendations in the addendum for MBIE to consider.

Since the original investigation MBIE has completed a significant amount of work responding to the four original recommendations, including issuing a warning on the use of loop bar details in precast concrete double-tee floors.

Statistics House Investigation on the MBIE Corporate website has the report, the addendum, the recommendations and questions and answers.


22 June 2018 No. 231

On 22 June 2018 MBIE published a guide to altering an existing building. The requirements apply to all existing buildings, including those that are earthquake prone.

Altering an existing building can trigger certain requirements, including:

  • ensuring the building continues to comply with the Building Code to at least the same extent as before the alteration, and
  • complying as nearly as is reasonably practicable with current Building Code requirements for:
    • means of escape from fire
    • access and facilities for persons with disabilities
  • undertaking seismic work so that the building is no longer earthquake prone (for a substantial alteration (defined in regulations) to an earthquake-prone building).

The guide will be of interest to:

  • building consent applicants, whether building owners, or building professionals on behalf of clients
  • building professionals including architects and designers
  • building consent authorities (BCAs) and territorial authorities considering building consent applications and determining whether or not to grant a building consent.

This document does not replace the decision-making powers of BCAs and territorial authorities in relation to alterations to existing buildings.

New building work associated with an alteration must comply with the Building Code. This advice does not apply to establishing compliance of new building work with the Building Code.

Altering an existing building has further information.


UPDATE to Fire Safety Design Guide for Residential Community Housing

On 28 March 2018, MBIE published the Fire Safety Design Guide for Residential Community Housing. The document provides guidance for building consent authorities, community housing providers and fire engineers when an alternative solution is used to demonstrate Building Code compliance.

This guidance was developed following stakeholder feedback on the 2012 edition of revised Fire Safety Acceptable Solutions C/AS1-7. The 2012 amendments to the Building Code and supporting fire compliance documents resulted in changes to the performance settings for treatment of residential community housing. These types of homes were classified with the same fire safety provisions as a hospital or prison.

Stakeholders noted this provided a one size fits all approach, without considering the differing levels of care and mobility of occupants in residential community housing and their ability to self-evacuate in the event of a fire.

The 2018 guidance forms a framework for development of an alternative solution and covers specific variations to the Acceptable Solution that are appropriate for residential community housing. All other aspects of compliance are expected to meet C/AS1, C/AS2 or C/AS3 as appropriate or alternatively by specific design to the relevant New Zealand Building Code clauses. It is expected that building consent authorities familiarise themselves with the guidance as it is valid to be used as a framework for an alternative solution.

The guidance is for new buildings and alterations as well as existing buildings undergoing work that requires a building consent in accordance with the New Zealand Building Act.  The guidance is a framework for an alternative solution and does not apply retrospectively to existing buildings unless there is building work that is being undertaken that requires a building consent. 

This guidance was jointly developed by MBIE, the Ministry of Health, New Zealand Fire Service, Housing New Zealand, Community Housing Aotearoa, New Zealand Disability Support Network, Disabled Person Assembly and a building control officer representative.

Public consultation on the proposed guidance document took place from 17 July to 11 September 2017.

Fire Safety Design Guide for Residential Community Housinghas further information.

If you have any further questions please contact firereview@mbie.govt.nz



Financial Reports

First Quarter 2018 Operating Results Cash Flow
Balance Sheet
Second Quarter 2018 Operating Results Cash Flow
Balance Sheet
Third Quarter 2018 Operating Results Cash Flow
Balance Sheet
Full Year Result 2017 Operating Results Cash Flow
Balance Sheet Financial Notes
Reviewers's Report


Minutes of AGM


Held by Video/Teleconference Conference


Spark City

167 Victoria St West

Central Business District



Spark Connect

16 Walker St

Central Business District



Tuesday 20th February 2018 at 7:35pm.


Ralph Boshier, Ian Brown,  Bruce Hurley, Levi Martin, Mark McKinney, Ross Muir, Keith Smith, Ross Weir, Malcolm Wheeler, Ian Woodhead



Bruce Jensen, Mike Duncan, Basil Orr, Peter Over


That apologies be accepted (Ross Muir /Ralph Boshier).



Minutes of Previous AGM

That the minutes of the previous AGM, held on Tuesday 28th February 2017 at 7.30 pm be confirmed as a true and accurate record (Ross Muir/Mark McKinney)



Matters Arising


Nil matter arising from the minutes.


Presidents Report

That Presidents Report be accepted (Ross Muir/Malcolm Wheeler)



Matters Arising


Nil matters arising from the report.


Secretarys Report

That Secretarys Report be accepted (Bruce Hurley/Ralph Boshier)



Matters Arising

The Secretary acknowledged the work of the Spark Foundation and, in particular, use of the video-conference facilities for the meeting.


Financial Report

That Financial Report (refer above) be accepted (Bruce Hurley/Ross Muir)



Matters Arising


Nil matters arising from the report.


EARB Report

That Engineering Associates Registration Board Report be accepted (Bruce Hurley/Levi Martin)



Matters Arising


Nil matters arising from the report.


Election of Officers





National President

Ross Muir

Bruce Hurley

Ralph Boshier

National Secretary/ Treasurer

Bruce Hurley

Ross Muir

Ian Brown

Auckland Branch Councillor

Ralph Boshier

Ross Muir

Bruce Hurley

Waikato/BoP Branch Councillor

Ian Brown

Mark McKinney

Gavin Petrie

Palmerston North Branch Councillor

Bob ODriscoll

Mark McKinney

Levi Martin

Wellington Branch Councillor

Keith Smith

Malcolm Wheeler

Arnold Darby

Christchurch Branch Councillor

Ian Woodhead

Ex Officio

2nd Christchurch Branch Councillor

Levi Martin

Elected by Christchurch Branch

Dunedin Branch Councillor

Terry Thomas

Ex Officio

2nd Dunedin Branch Councillor


Elected by Dunedin Branch


There being only one nomination for each position, all positions were confirmed without the need for elections.


Ross Muir advised the meeting, after 51 years on the executive, this would be his last term as President.  The meeting acknowledged the significant contribution Ross has made to the Institute.


Appointment of Financial Reviewer

That the current financial reviewer, Jeremy Barrett, be reappointed for the 2018 financial year (Bruce Hurley/Ian Brown)



2017 Subscriptions

That the membership subscription rate remains at $20.00 for the 2018 financial year (Bruce Hurley/Ian Woodhead)




Cheque Signatories

That the current cheque signatories (Ross Muir/Ralph Boshier/Bruce Hurley) be retained (Ian Brown/Ian Woodhead).




Nil submitted


General Business

The Spark Foundation

That a donation of $50.00 be made to the Spark Foundation in recognition of making the video conference facilities available the meeting (Bruce Hurley/Ian Woodhead).



Auckland VHF Group

That a donation of $50.00 be made to the Auckland VHF Group of the NZART in recognition of their continuing support through their standing invitation for Institute members to attend their meetings and access to their magazine, Spectrum (Bruce Hurley/Ian Brown).



The reduction of the Auckland VHF Group donation to $50.00 was based on the Institute no longer using the Groups club rooms for the AGM.   It is conditional upon the Secretary explaining the situation to the Groups Treasurer.


No further general business.



The meeting was declared closed at 8:05pm.



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