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May Newsletter


We are drawing closer to our first site visit of the year, Island Horticulture.

Island Horticulture is a company formed by David and Deirdre Barton and their Telegraph Cucumber operation has grown steadily for the last 35+ years.

Expansion has been driven by constant increasing demand for the high quality Telegraph Cucumbers they produce. It has grown from a one-man farm to a large forward moving growing operation employing 14 people full time.

They built up and ran two farms for more than a decade, then sold the smaller farm and increased the operation on one side.

The South Island of New Zealand has only a resident population of 1 million people. Their challenge has been to perfect a balance between supply and demand.

They have invested largely in capital so as to have the running costs of the farm as economical as possible and run a very high-tec, eco-friendly operation. All growing is hydroponic.


On another note, there appears to be movement in the education sector concerning inspection and maintenance of Electric Vehicles. Motor Industry Training Organisation (MITO) has received $95,000 from the government to enable training programs to commence from next year. Fundamental to this project will be international research and evaluation of qualification design, content, structure and delivery models in order to understand and capitalise on the experiences of other countries and how this can best be applied to New Zealand.




Island Horticulture

Date & Time:

Thursday 10th May 2018, 7pm


Island Horticulture Ltd,

38 Madeleys Road,

RD 2

KAIAPOI           7692




Canterbury Electrical Society has invited us to their next site visit at Canterbury University;


3D Printing

Date & Time:

Tuesday 24th July 2018, 7.30pm


Mechanical Engineering Lab Wing

Off Engineering Rd

Off Creyke Rd.


Don Clucas


New Zealand Electronics Institute Christchurch Branch


2017 Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting of the the Christchurch branch of the New Zealand Electronics Institute (Inc) was held on 16th November 2017.


Chairman's Report

2016 Minutes

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