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January Newsletter

Below is the latest newsletter from the Canterbury Electrical Association. They have graciously invited us to attend one of their events at the Loburn Abby 'aviation workshops' which sounds pretty impressive. Unfortunately i will not be able to attend but i have been warmly welcomed by Starr to encourage you all to attend. I highly recommend you take advantage of this site tour, as the CEA have already paid for the admission and would love to make the most of the outing.


Please feel free to contact me if you wish to attend such that i can let the CEA know for numbers, if you could provide transport to other members please also let me know.


Kind Regards


Levi Martin

Treasurer Christchurch Branch, Phone: 027 562 7846 E-mail: levi@ecandc.co.nz





Hi All,

Our committee hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wishes everyone the best for 2019.

Our first meeting for 2019 is a summer outing to visit Campbells Aero Classics at Loburn.

Please note: We are using our Association funds to pay for the visit so please attend if it is possible.




Date/time:Monday February  4th at 2.00 pm and includes afternoon tea.


Venue:  Loburn Abbey at 183 Stony Flat Road Loburn


Host:   Ivan and Sandy Campbell




The Campbells have a private airfield alongside complete with aircraft engineering workshops. They manufacture hard shell leather flying helmets which are prized by warbird, classic, vintage and open cockpit aviators around the world. The helmets are made to measure and feature Kevlar and carbon fibre high impact shells and use advanced PNR (Passive Noise Reduction) to create a safe comfortable helmet with advanced avionics and authentic leather appearance.


The Campbells are Australasian agents for a number of kitset aircraft and have built several for clients at the companys home-base Loburn Abbey

Currently at Loburn they have near fullsize replica flying planes including Tigermoth, Spitfire and Mustang. We hope to see under the hood and view the avionics of these magnificent flying machines and given fair weather one of these almost full-size planes will be put through its paces for us.

The Campbells are licensed to carry passengers and joyrides can be arranged.


Check out the website and be amazed at the depth of engineering and kiwi innovation hidden in inland North Canterbury.


The Campbell's usually host groups of thirty or more so you are welcome to bring friends, family or colleagues to enjoy an afternoon in a startlingly green North Canterbury, see a little bit of Kiwi innovation in action and bolster our numbers.


 If you have transport bring a companion or two, if you need transport ring a friend, a fellow member or a committee member to arrange car pooling

If the afternoon is hot and our guests dry a small diversion to the historic Anglers Arms Hotel could be possible on our way home.




Drive through Rangiora to cross the Ashley river bridge heading north on Cones Rd.

Follow Cones Rd north.

Continue straight on Cone Rd past Fawcetts Rd (Inland scenic route) corner.

Follow Cones Road into Dixon Rd then into Loburn Whiterock Rd

At Loburn turn left into Hodgsons Rd

Follow Hodgsons Rd to turn right into Stony Flat Road.

Go straight ahead on Stony Flat Rd past Fishers Rd corner.

Follow Stony Flat to reach Campbells Aero Classics and Loburn Abbey


Malcolm Teasdale


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2018 Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting of the the Christchurch branch of the New Zealand Electronics Institute (Inc) was held on 22nd November 2018.


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