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Updated March, 2011

Welcome to the web-home of the New Zealand Electronics Institute Inc., a learned organisation which promotes electronics in all its forms and acts as a conduit for the exchange of technical information through meetings, lectures and industry visits.It welcomes not only professionals, but students and those who have an interest in the many facets of electronics, both academic and industrial. Its activities are summed up on the Objectives page.

The Institute has branches in Auckland, Waikato/Bay of Plenty, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

In the old days the majority of those in the field worked for or contracted to a few large firms, so everybody knew everybody. NZEI monthly technical meetings in all the main centres were as much social events as opportunities to share and increase knowledge. The industry was sostable that monthly meeting topics and dates could be finalised over a year ahead, and the timetable put out as a calendar each Christmas for the whole of the following year. There were few industrial secrets, for any piece of equipment could be reverse engineered in five minutes withtime for a cup of tea whilst doing it. This made the sharing of knowledge uncomplicated.

Engineers and Technicians in the industry are now employed singly or in small units. The equipment they design, develop and manufacture is highly individual, using techniques that are peculiar to their application. Processing methods within chips is sensitiveinformation, yet a full explanation of the equipment would be shallow without the sharing of that carefully guarded knowledge.

We can offer you the opportunity to attend lectures on a wide variety of topics. In the old days, equipment was simple and the concepts used were few. An engineer or technician needed only a limited range of skills. Today technology has exploded. Each advance spawns awhole family of new techniques and possibilities. One must be able to think laterally, to think outside the square, to adapt techniques from other fields, to keep up to date with advances in other areas that could be modified and utilised. An awareness of seemingly unrelated techniqueshas become a prime requisite of any person associated with the development or maintenance of practically any device under the loose umbrella of 'Electronics'.

An additional bonus is the chance of meeting with others of like interest, making useful contacts that can stand you in good stead. Over the last few years the Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington members have had the opportunity of attending a wide range of lectures,visits and free seminars. With the present constraints of the industry, it has become difficult for all but a few groups to maintain a full programme, however the electronics community have a long tradition of mutually advantageous co-operation. From this a full programme is possible,however it is only practicable to organise lectures if the attendance justifies it, thus it is in your interest to maintain the strength of the Institute and your own awareness by supporting meetings.

Ross Muir
National President

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