Extract from Minute of Decision:

Establishing a New Occupational Regulatory Regime for Professional Engineers


Engineering Associates Act 1961
58   noted that the number of Registered Engineering Associates has been steadily declining;
59   agreed to repeal the Engineering Associates Act 1961, subject to the advice of the Parliamentary Counsel Office;
60   agreed to establish a separate register for Registered Engineering Associates to be administered by the Board;
61   agreed that the Act provide for a fair transition for persons currently registered as Registered Engineering Associates to be registered on the new register;
62   agreed that the Board may set eligibility requirements for admission as a Registered Engineering Associate by way of rules;
63   agreed that the Board must consult with any relevant Minister, any relevant professional body, and the public when developing rules for eligibility;
64   agreed that conditions of registration or offenses that apply to registered engineers generally also apply to registered engineering associates, unless a different approach is appropriate;
65   agreed that only persons entered onto the Registered Engineering Associates register may call themselves Registered Engineering Associate or a similar term developed during the drafting process;



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