Continuing Professional Development


The new Occupational Regulatory Regime for Professional Engineers has one of its foci on mandatoryu continuing professional development (CPD),  From an EARB perspective,  CPD aligns with REAcap requirements.

So what constitutes CPD?  The definition of what constitutes CPD is broad as illustrated in this article,, for Licenced Building Practitioners.

If, as an REA, you want a smooth transition to the new regime, best you start logging your CPD.  Better still, apply to be accredited as an REAcap and and (hopefully) transfer hassle free to the new regime.



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Extract from Minute of Decision:

Establishing a New Occupational Regulatory Regime for Professional Engineers


Engineering Associates Act 1961
58   noted that the number of Registered Engineering Associates has been steadily declining;
59   agreed to repeal the Engineering Associates Act 1961, subject to the advice of the Parliamentary Counsel Office;
60   agreed to establish a separate register for Registered Engineering Associates to be administered by the Board;
61   agreed that the Act provide for a fair transition for persons currently registered as Registered Engineering Associates to be registered on the new register;
62   agreed that the Board may set eligibility requirements for admission as a Registered Engineering Associate by way of rules;
63   agreed that the Board must consult with any relevant Minister, any relevant professional body, and the public when developing rules for eligibility;
64   agreed that conditions of registration or offenses that apply to registered engineers generally also apply to registered engineering associates, unless a different approach is appropriate;
65   agreed that only persons entered onto the Registered Engineering Associates register may call themselves Registered Engineering Associate or a similar term developed during the drafting process;


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