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       .     To promote the science and practice of electronics and to encourage the increase and dissemination of knowledge of that science and itsapplications

  • To preserve, promote, foster, advance and protect generally the interests, integrity and status of both the Institute and its members

  • To attain the objects above, the Institute may, inter alia, initiate or encourage learning, research, inventions, developments and applications in all mattersconnected with electronics by:

Providing for discussions, readings, lectures, demonstrations, publications, correspondence with other bodies and individuals, meetings, conventions, exhibitions andconferences

Making grants of books, apparatus or money and awards of medals, diplomas or Institute honours in recognition of contributions to the advancement ofelectronics

Purchasing, holding, acquiring, holding, leasing or hiring, administering, improving and disposing of real and personal property

Subscribing to, joining or federating with, affiliating with or co-operating with any other association or body whose objects are wholly or partly similar to those of theInstitute

Promoting, approving or making submissions to legislation or other measures affecting or likely to affect electronics

To certify through its grading system or otherwise the training and experience of its members.

  • The doing of all such lawful things as may be associated or connected with or as may be incidental or conducive to or in the furtherance of the foregoing objects

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