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Further to Ross's video link, remote mining is well established in Australia, with various mine site operations across the Pilbara area of WA being controlled from Perth.  In 2008, Rio Tinto embarked on their "mine of the future" initiative with driver-less trucks remote controlled from their Perth headquarters 1500km away from the mine site (above-ground communications mostly employs mesh WiFi using similar technology to 5G, while fibre and laser links dominate below ground).  This 2015 article provides a more up to date perspective https://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-10-18/rio-tinto-opens-worlds-first-automated-mine/6863814

Other Australian mining companies are following similar paths, with the technology also having migrated into Queensland's coal mining sites as outlined in this SMH article https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/rise-of-the-machines-why-australia-s-miners-are-racing-for-automation-20191129-p53ffo.html

BHP Billiton has now built a remote operations centre in Brisbane for its coal mining operations in central Queensland's Bowen Basin.

An Australian Standard exists for remote mining operations: https://ablis.business.gov.au/service/wa/australian-standard-as-4240-remote-control-systems-for-mining-equipment/29654

Perusing pages on one of the equipment supplier's web sites gives an indication of the array of equipment now available http://www.alpha-technology.com.au/Tele-remote-control-underground-mining.html

Modern mining technology has yielded numerous benefits, especially during recent Covid-19 lock-downs.

My thanks to Ian Brown for providing these interesting tit-bit




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Tertiary Education Commission | Te Amorangi Mātauranga Matua – TEC Now



December 2020 Issue 12




Momentum continues with growth and change for our vocational education system





I am really pleased to be back in my role as Minister of Education and to continue to progress the ground-breaking reform of our vocational education system.

In November, the Prime Minister and I launched our new campaign to raise the profile of vocational education and training. It comes as apprentice and trainee numbers have increased by nearly 50 per cent in the last year. Read more




The journey to the recovery of international education in New Zealand

When we begin the journey to reform vocational education, no-one could have foreseen what 2020 would bring and how it would impact our lives and the work we do. The international education sector is one of the sectors that has been significantly impacted and with borders closed to almost all travellers, the impacts are likely to be felt for some time yet. Read more




Approval process for new Managed Apprenticeship released 




The new process was put in place after the Ministry of Education revised the definition of Managed Apprenticeships in June 2020 including new criteria. The 13 criteria are detailed in the application form, which can be found on the Student Achievement Component level 3 and above (SAC3+) Fund Finder page on the TEC’s website. Read more



Next step towards WDC establishment

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) is pleased to confirm that consultation on the Workforce Development Council (WDC) Order in Council proposals will start on 16 December and run for 7.5 weeks to 5 February 2021 Read more.




The Tertiary Education Strategy 




The Tertiary Education Strategy (TES) sets out the long-term strategic direction for tertiary education. This strategy has been developed following consultation with the tertiary education sector and other stakeholders. Read more




Keep up to date with Te Pūkenga’s progress




Te Pūkenga is well on its way to developing an organisation that will bring together on-the-job, on campus, and online vocational education and training through a unified, sustainable network of regionally accessible provision. Keep up to date by checking their website and also subscribing to their newsletter at https://tepūkenga.ac.nz/news/ Read more




What can we tell you?




If there is anything you’d like to know more about, or if you have any suggestions, please email us at RoVE@tec.govt.nz





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Tertiary Education Commission | Te Amorangi Mātauranga Matua – TEC Now




December 2020 - Special Edition 

Establishing a strong industry voice in vocational education

The government is seeking feedback on the six Orders in Council proposals that will formally establish each Workforce Development Council (WDC).  We want to know what you think of each WDC’s name, the industries they cover, and the governance arrangements.  This feedback will inform the final Orders in Council that will establish each WDC. 

“WDCs will play a vital role in helping industry set a vision for the skills and training needed for Aotearoa’s workforce, and significantly influence the vocational education and training system,” said Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) Chief Executive Tim Fowler.

“Once established, they will have a forward-looking, strategic view of the future skills needs of industries across the country.”

WDCs will set standards, develop qualifications and help shape the curriculum of vocational education and moderate assessments against industry standards. They will provide advice to the TEC on investment in vocational education, and determine the appropriate mix of skills and training for the industries each WDC covers.

“Over the last few months, the industry-led interim Establishment Boards have been working hard to engage with their industry sectors, peak bodies, educators, Māori and iwi business and industry, to develop the draft content for each WDC Order in Council proposal. I want to acknowledge their mahi in making sure what is being consulted on is fit for purpose.”

The consultation on the WDC Order in Council proposals provides a further opportunity for industry, and others interested in vocational education and training from an industry and employer perspective, to Kōrero mai and have a say.

Consultation is open over seven weeks from Wednesday 16 December 2020, closing on Friday 5 February 2021. 

For more detail and to provide feedback, go to: https://wdcconsultation.tec.govt.nz/ (if you have issues accessing the link, please try using Chrome or Firefox browsers).





Have your say! Consultation opens on the WDC Orders in Council proposals

We are pleased to announce the consultation on the Workforce Development Council (WDC) Order in Council proposals is now open. 

Kōrero mai. Have your say.

Feedback is invited on the six Orders in Council proposals to establish the Workforce Development Councils as legal entities.

Tell us what you think about the WDC names, the industries they cover, and how they are governed.

Consultation is open for seven weeks from Wednesday 16 December 2020, closing Friday 5 February 2021. 

For details about the consultation and the proposals, and to have your say, go to the WDC Consultation website (if you have issues accessing the link, please try using Chrome or Firefox browsers).

A significant milestone

The formation of the Workforce Development Councils will be a significant milestone in the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE). 

The six industry-governed WDCs will play a vital role in helping industry set a vision for the skills and training needed for Aotearoa’s workforce, and influence the vocational education and training system.

Sign up to attend a consultation Zoom session

As part of the consultation phase, a series of online Zoom sessions will be hosted to provide an opportunity to hear more about WDCs, Orders in Council, and the detail about the proposals.

To find out more about dates and details, and to register to attend one of the Zoom sessions, please go to the WDC Consultation website.




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The Tertiary Education Commission
PO Box 27048
Wellington 6141
New Zealand













Kia ora,

Just an update on the Building System Legislative Reform Programme, and where things are at with the Building (Building Products and Methods, Modular Components, and Other Matters) Amendment Bill (the Bill).

The Bill is still in select committee, but the submissions have been made publicly available.
You can read the submissions on the parliamentary website.

Since the election, the Bill has been reinstated by the new Parliament and the new Select Committee is now expecting to report back to Parliament by 4 March 2021.

We expect to be able to engage with you on the next phase of work which will include your input into the development of regulations required to support the legislation from May 2021.

We look forward to continuing this important kaupapa with you and wish you a safe and enjoyable festive season.

Ngā mihi,

The Building Performance Team

Follow the progress of the Bill on the parliamentary website
Learn more about the Building System Legislative Reform Programme


Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

New Zealand Government










HVAC&R Industry

This is an invitation to join our HVAC&R Industry Facebook group.

Stay connected and click here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1158608134338628 to visit the page and select ‘join group’.

We look forward to seeing you shortly.

Kind regards



The New Zealand Electronics Institute


Charities Commission Registration Number 39965




3A Willis St



Email:  secretary@nzelectronics.org.nz

Web site:  /


Minutes of AGM


Held by Video Conference

Spark City

167 Victoria St West

Central Business District


Wednesday 4th March 2020 at 7:35 pm.



Ian Brown, Bruce Hurley, Ross Muir, Malcolm Wheeler



John Dunn, Mark McKinney, Basil Orr, Peter Over


That apologies be accepted (Ross Muir /Ian Brown).



Minutes of Previous AGM

That the minutes of the previous AGM, held on Tuesday 26th February 2019 at 7.35 pm be confirmed as a true and accurate record (Bruce Hurley/Ross Muir).



Matters Arising


Nil matter arising from the minutes.


President’s Report

That President’s Report be accepted (Ross Muir/ Malcolm Wheeler),



Matters Arising


Nil matters arising from the report.


Secretary’s Report

That Secretary’s Report be accepted (Bruce Hurley/ Ian Brown).



Matters Arising

The Secretary again, acknowledged the work of the Spark Foundation and, in particular, use of the video-conference facilities for the meeting.


Financial Report

That Financial Report (refer below) be accepted (Bruce Hurley/ Ross Muir).



Matters Arising


Nil matters arising from the report.


EARB Report

That Engineering Associates Registration Board Report be accepted (Bruce Hurley/ Ian Brown).



Matters Arising


Nil matters arising from the report.


Election of Officers







Ross Muir

Bruce Hurley

Malcolm Wheeler

National Secretary/ Treasurer

Bruce Hurley

Ross Muir

Ian Brown

Auckland Branch Councillor

Peter Over

Bruce Hurley

Ross Muir

Waikato/BoP Branch Councillor

Ian Brown

Mark McKinney

Bruce Hurley

Palmerston North Branch Councillor

Bob O’Driscoll

Bruce Hurley

Malcolm Wheeler

Wellington Branch Councillor




Christchurch Branch Councillor

Ian Woodhead

Bruce Hurley

Ross Muir

Dunedin Branch Councillor

Terry Thomas

Bruce Hurley

Malcolm Wheeler


There being only one nomination for each position, all positions were confirmed without the need for elections.


Appointment of Financial Reviewer

That the current financial reviewer, Jeremy Barrett, be reappointed for the 2020 financial year (Bruce Hurley/ Malcolm Wheeler)




2020 Subscriptions

That the membership subscription rate remains at $20.00 for the 2020 financial year (Bruce Hurley/ Ross Muir)




Payment Approvers

That the current payment approvers (Ross Muir/ Bruce Hurley) be retained and Peter Over be authorised (Ian Woodhead / Malcolm Wheeler)




Nil submitted



General Business

The Spark Foundation

That a donation of $50.00 be made to the Spark Foundation in recognition of making the video conference facilities available the meeting (Bruce Hurley/ Ian Brown).



Auckland VHF Group

That a donation of $50.00 be made to the Auckland VHF Group of the NZART in recognition of their continuing support through their standing invitation for Institute members to attend their meetings and access to their magazine, Spectrum (Ross Muir/Ian Brown).



Ross Muir Generousity

That a vote of thanks be made to Ross Muir for his very generous donations in support of the annual student awards (Ian Brown/Bruce Hurley).


Wellington Meetings

Malcolm Wheeler offered to  facilitate liaison with the Wellington VHF Group and the NZART with a view to enabling NZEI members the opportunity to participate in their meetings.  Bruce Hurley will publicise the meetings on the Institute’s website.


No further general business.



The meeting was declared closed at 8.00pm.



Financial  Reports

First Quarter FY20


Second Quarter FY20


Third Quarter FY20


Full Year FY 20