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A listing of science and knowledge events in New Zealand

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Fibre spinning robot to make internet cheaper?

Facebook wants to make it cheaper for internet service providers to build out their networks using super-fast and reliable fibre connections. They have created a robot that crawls along power lines, as it gradually weaves it’s streamlined fibre cables around the lines already in place. When it comes to a pole, it elevates its body to pass the roadblock and continues moving. This was developed to install fibre cables easily on medium-voltage power lines around the world. The company will not be making these robots or installing fibre themselves, but plan to license the designs to other companies that can. Click here to read more.


Drone surveys Mt. Everest at 28,000 feet


A National Geographic team are using drones to survey the dangerous Mt. Everest terrain, without having to risk the lives of climbers. The team was able to capture close-in photographs of key areas of the mountain and sweeping landscape views. This was no ordinary drone flight, as the drone soared to 28,300 feet (8,625 meters). This has never been done before. The summit of Mt. Everest is just over 29,000 feet (8,840 meters). Click here to view the video.

My thanks to Malcolm Wheeler for providing these interesting tit-bit


On behalf of the Women of Influence programme, we are reaching out to like-minded organisations and businesses that may interact with or have a great network of inspirational Kiwi women who are helping make New Zealand a better place. We’d love to get them recognised for the work they are doing. Women of Influence is an annual awards programme presented by Stuff and Westpac NZ, that celebrates the incredible wāhine of Aotearoa and nominations for the 2020 awards are now open.

It would be great if you could promote the programme within your networks, as we're sure there are many women that would be deserving of the recognition.

There are ten award categories that can be entered into and nominations close on the 31st of August. For more information and to nominate please visit: https://www.womenofinfluence.co.nz/

During the month of August we also have a great line-up of speakers for the exciting Virtual Speaker Series - three interactive and informative lunch-time sessions, available to everyone around the country. For more information and to register yourself, please visit: https://www.womenofinfluence.co.nz/speaker-series

Thank you in advance

Kind regards

Women of Influence Team


Celebrating the incredible wāhine of Aotearoa, New Zealand.




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Tertiary Education Commission | Te Amorangi Mātauranga Matua – TEC Now




August 2020 Issue 9

Apprenticeship Boost Fund

The $380.6 million Apprenticeship Boost is part of the Government’s wider Apprenticeship Support Programme — a cross-agency response which aims to help employers retain and bring on people into formal industry training including apprenticeships while dealing with the effects of COVID-19. Read more







iEB mahi hitting the mark

The iEBS were appointed in May by the Tertiary Education Commission’s Chief Executive following an Expression of Interest process. Each iEB’s primary role is to establish the WDC as a legal entity. Where possible, the iEBs will provide advice and guidance to inform tertiary education system responses to COVID-19 impacts. Read more




NZIST subsidiary Chairs meet in Wellington

On Wednesday 29 July 2020, the NZIST’s 16 subsidiary Chairs were finally able to meet face-to-face. The long overdue opportunity, postponed due to the COVID-19 lockdown, had been planned to take place earlier in the year. Read more




Stephen Town - NZIST's inaugural Chief Executive 


Stephen started the new role in July and along with his small team of headquarters staff, he is already confident he’s making progress.  Read more





Commencement of 13 Regional Skills Leadership Groups




Thirteen interim Regional Skills Leadership Groups have been announced and are in the process of holding their inaugural meetings. The initial focus for the Groups is to pull together local intelligence and insights that will help to identify better ways of meeting skills and workforce needs now and in the future. Read more





The milestones keep on coming

It’s only been just over a month since the last newsletter, but in only that short time we have reached some big milestones across the projects in Phase 2 of RoVE. Read more






July 2020 Issue 8

Interest in apprenticeships increasing as free trades training starts 

Being an apprentice and training in trades have become so much more attractive.

The Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF) will make training training in targeted areas and all apprenticeships free from 1 July 2020 until 31 December 2022. The list of qualifications covered by the fund are available on the Tertiary Education Commission’s website.

 Read more




WDC/TITO COVID-19 response projects fund

As part of Budget 2020, Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced the WDC/TITO COVID-19 Response Projects Fund.

This fund is specifically for transitional Industry Training Organisations (TITOs) and Workforce Development Councils (WDCs) to lead projects that will support industry recovery from the impacts of COVID-19. Read more




John Brockies joining NZIST council




NZIST is pleased to welcome John Brockies as a member of Council.

Mr Brockies has extensive senior executive and governance experience, including as a Ministerial appointee to the Commissioner's Advisory Panel for Unitec and as an independent member of the RoVE Programme Board. Read more




Mobilising the new world interim reports feedback extension

NZIST is extending the deadline for feedback on Mobilising the New World interim reports to Tuesday 15 July. You can review the reports on the NZIST website.

Your thoughts on these reports is welcome and the deadline has been extended to ensure that everyone who wants to comment has an opportunity to consider them fully. The feedback will be presented in a summary report to the NZIST Council in August. 

Read more




Did you see?



There’s a lot happening across RoVE, so we’ve gathered up all the articles and updates you might have missed this month.



Workforce Development Council coverage tools

On 17 December 2019, Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced there would be six Workforce Development Councils established as part of the new vocational education and training system Read more.

Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs)

The first two CoVEs have taken another step closer to being established, with the team receiving the completed Request for Proposals submissions from the selected consortia in late May and early June Read more.

Workforce Development Council interim Establishment Board members

We’re pleased to announce that there have been two new members appointed to further supplement and complement the skills in two boards, with the aim of achieving the best balance possible in the overall composition of these iEBs. Read more.











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The Tertiary Education Commission
PO Box 27048
Wellington 6141
New Zealand











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Building Amendment Bill 2020

Public Submissions Now Open

We are pleased to let you know that Parliament’s Environment Committee has called for submissions on the Building (Building Products and Methods, Modular Components, and Other Matters) Amendment Bill. This is your opportunity to have a say on proposed changes to the Building Act.

Find out more on the Parliament website

Learn more about the Building Amendment Bill



Tools and advice from across government to save you time and help make your business a success.




Making business easier


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Looking for funding?

Discover and understand finance options tailored to your business using our new Funding Explorer tool. 

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Is contracting right for you?

There are several pros and cons to contracting. Here's some information to help you decide if its right for you. 

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Working solo: Tips to stay mentally well

If you work alone or in a small team, it can be easy to neglect your own wellbeing. Here are some ways to keep you feeling well and connected. 

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Make your next hire a new graduate

Graduates compete for good jobs, and employers compete for good candidates. It helps to understand their needs and what they’re looking for in a job.

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Tips for becoming a sustainable business

Customers like businesses that consider their impact on the environment. And making changes, even small ones, can help your bottom line.

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Personal information: What it is and how to protect it

Privacy laws are changing. This may affect information you collect about staff and/or customers. Check what information your business can and can’t ask for. 

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If you have a business issue or question, you can visit our website www.business.govt.nz.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
15 Stout Street, Wellington 6011





Motovated Design & Analysis Logo


Message from Greg

Coming out of COVID lockdown has provided some amazing opportunities for engineering and manufacturing in New Zealand. Lots of manufacturers are wanting to bring supply chain opportunities closer to home, either by bringing it in-house or helping suppliers develop more capability in-house.

It reminds me a bit of when Kiwirail was developing the TranzScenic and TranzAlpine Carriages here in NZ, and before that when WhisperTech was helping suppliers get up to speed with 6 sigma supply and manufacture of the WhisperGen. I hope that this time we support these developments for the long term.

As a country we can compete worldwide.  But one of the learnings of COVID is that we need long term vision, and to invest in local supply and infrastructure, for our own safety, security and resilience.

I’m excited because I think there are some good learnings to come out of these challenging times, and New Zealand & the World will be better for it.


Greg Morehouse, 

CEO & Senior Engineering Analyst

Motovated Design & Analysis

Greg Morehouse




#Motovated Blog

Seismic Analysis of UPS - Cabinet Courtesy of EATON Industries Ltd.


How FEA optimise the seismic performance of mechanical plant, and simplifies the certification

Motovated has always done a significant amount of analysis, including FEA, for seismic certification.  Since we’ve brought Joseph Bain onboard however his experience analyzing the seismic performance of mechanical plant has kept our phones ringing...Read More



#Motovated Case Study

Fuelchief Wind & Seismic Assessments

In order to effectively analyse storage tanks using analysis software, Motovated have developed a robust process for taking into consideration the sloshing effects of a seismic occurrence by using tools developed from the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering Seismic Design of Storage Tanks Guide...Read More

Horizontal cylindrical SuperVault Tank


#Motovated New Service

Food Processing Equipment Design Services


Food Processing Equipment Design Services

Checkout our newly released web page about Food Processing Equipment Design Services.

Click to visit the webpage


#Stress Buster

The train journey

Three lawyers and three engineers were travelling by train to a conference.  At the station, each lawyer bought a ticket whereas the engineers bought only one ticket between them.

‘How are you going to travel on a single ticket?’ asked one lawyer.

‘Wait and watch’, answered one of the engineers.

When they boarded the train, the lawyers took their seats, but the three engineers scrammed into a toilet and closed the door behind them.  Shortly after the train started, the ticket collector arrived.  He knocked on the toilet door and asked,"Ticket, please.  "The door opened just a crack and a single arm emerged with a ticket in hand.  The ticket collector took it and moved on.

Seeing this, the lawyers decided to the same thing on the return trip so when they arrived at the station they bought only one ticket.  To their astonishment, the engineers didn’t buy any.
‘How are you going to travel without a ticket?’ asked one of the perplexed lawyers.

“Wait and watch”, answered an engineer.

In the train,the three engineers crammed into a toilet and the three lawyers into another nearby. Soon after the train started, one of the engineers got out of the toilet and walked to one where the lawyers were hiding.

He knocked on the door and said, "Ticket, please…"
Source: www.entechts.com


HVAC&R Industry

This is an invitation to join our HVAC&R Industry Facebook group.

Stay connected and click here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1158608134338628 to visit the page and select ‘join group’.

We look forward to seeing you shortly.

Kind regards



The New Zealand Electronics Institute


Charities Commission Registration Number 39965




3A Willis St



Email:  secretary@nzelectronics.org.nz

Web site:  /


Minutes of AGM


Held by Video Conference

Spark City

167 Victoria St West

Central Business District


Wednesday 4th March 2020 at 7:35 pm.



Ian Brown, Bruce Hurley, Ross Muir, Malcolm Wheeler



John Dunn, Mark McKinney, Basil Orr, Peter Over


That apologies be accepted (Ross Muir /Ian Brown).



Minutes of Previous AGM

That the minutes of the previous AGM, held on Tuesday 26th February 2019 at 7.35 pm be confirmed as a true and accurate record (Bruce Hurley/Ross Muir).



Matters Arising


Nil matter arising from the minutes.


President’s Report

That President’s Report be accepted (Ross Muir/ Malcolm Wheeler),



Matters Arising


Nil matters arising from the report.


Secretary’s Report

That Secretary’s Report be accepted (Bruce Hurley/ Ian Brown).



Matters Arising

The Secretary again, acknowledged the work of the Spark Foundation and, in particular, use of the video-conference facilities for the meeting.


Financial Report

That Financial Report (refer below) be accepted (Bruce Hurley/ Ross Muir).



Matters Arising


Nil matters arising from the report.


EARB Report

That Engineering Associates Registration Board Report be accepted (Bruce Hurley/ Ian Brown).



Matters Arising


Nil matters arising from the report.


Election of Officers







Ross Muir

Bruce Hurley

Malcolm Wheeler

National Secretary/ Treasurer

Bruce Hurley

Ross Muir

Ian Brown

Auckland Branch Councillor

Peter Over

Bruce Hurley

Ross Muir

Waikato/BoP Branch Councillor

Ian Brown

Mark McKinney

Bruce Hurley

Palmerston North Branch Councillor

Bob O’Driscoll

Bruce Hurley

Malcolm Wheeler

Wellington Branch Councillor




Christchurch Branch Councillor

Ian Woodhead

Bruce Hurley

Ross Muir

Dunedin Branch Councillor

Terry Thomas

Bruce Hurley

Malcolm Wheeler


There being only one nomination for each position, all positions were confirmed without the need for elections.


Appointment of Financial Reviewer

That the current financial reviewer, Jeremy Barrett, be reappointed for the 2020 financial year (Bruce Hurley/ Malcolm Wheeler)




2020 Subscriptions

That the membership subscription rate remains at $20.00 for the 2020 financial year (Bruce Hurley/ Ross Muir)




Payment Approvers

That the current payment approvers (Ross Muir/ Bruce Hurley) be retained and Peter Over be authorised (Ian Woodhead / Malcolm Wheeler)




Nil submitted



General Business

The Spark Foundation

That a donation of $50.00 be made to the Spark Foundation in recognition of making the video conference facilities available the meeting (Bruce Hurley/ Ian Brown).



Auckland VHF Group

That a donation of $50.00 be made to the Auckland VHF Group of the NZART in recognition of their continuing support through their standing invitation for Institute members to attend their meetings and access to their magazine, Spectrum (Ross Muir/Ian Brown).



Ross Muir Generousity

That a vote of thanks be made to Ross Muir for his very generous donations in support of the annual student awards (Ian Brown/Bruce Hurley).


Wellington Meetings

Malcolm Wheeler offered to  facilitate liaison with the Wellington VHF Group and the NZART with a view to enabling NZEI members the opportunity to participate in their meetings.  Bruce Hurley will publicise the meetings on the Institute’s website.


No further general business.



The meeting was declared closed at 8.00pm.



Financial  Reports

First Quarter FY20


Second Quarter FY20


Third Quarter FY20


Full Year FY 19

Operating Results


Operating Results


Operating Results


Operating Results

Financial Notes

Cash Flow


Cash Flow


Cash Flow


Cash Flow

Balance Sheet


Balance Sheet


Balance Sheet


Balance Sheet

Reviewer's Report