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Google Censorship?

When you tick  "I’m not a Robot"



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Google is censoring it out already (their censoring has become VERY invasive lately)




Robot Art

This is no longer new - about 35 years ago at AUT we had a robot come on stage and welcome a guest speaker, however to use AI to create paintings is an interesting step sideways.




Keep Your Skills Sharp For The Future Of Work

In the 21st century, we have witnessed great technological revolutions. This is a common and unavoidable trend. The coronavirus pandemic was not an obstacle to innovation and work. The "new normal" was a concept to understand how jobs will be in the coming years. Many large companies tried remote work for the first time during the lockdown, and the results were better than they expected.

Traditional work can undergo big changes from now on. Many companies have been using modern methods that can become revolutionary ideas in no time. In this article, we are going to see what the next trends for jobs in the world are. If your skills are not up-to-date for these changes, perhaps the time has come to learn what awaits workers.

More Robots, Less Humans?

Automation is one of the biggest topics when we talk about the future of work. This trend is increasingly relevant in countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, the United States, and Europe. A McKinsey study says that robotization and other automation trends at work will see further growth due to the pandemic.

Robots not only represent a production benefit for companies. Machines can double (and much more) the output of humans, with more accurate and efficient results. In addition, they save millions of dollars annually. The biggest investment is the purchase and installation of the machines; then, you no longer have to think about salaries for the robots.

This seems like a sad story for factory workers, however, we must look at the other part of the story—those who create and fix robots! This message is for you: repetitive jobs are gradually disappearing. Meanwhile, technology-related jobs are better paid every year. Draw your own conclusions.

Robots In Everyday Activities

To understand the magnitude of this trend, we can look at the case of the company Starship Technologies in the United Kingdom. This company uses food delivery robots. At least 5,000 homes in the city of Northampton have received orders for these robots, which have obstacle detection systems, AI, and 360-degree cameras. This company plans to use about 300 similar robots by the end of 2021, a pretty big change.

The Power of Digital Companies

Traditional companies are using tech services in their jobs. These methods were indispensable to combat the Covid-19 crisis in the world. But what about digital companies? We must admire the power of these new companies, especially if we consider that they do not have physical headquarters.

Years ago, it was difficult to think that a business could grow without having a large administrative building. However, in this era, that idea is possible. Digital companies are concepts that have been growing in recent years. Amazon, for example, is home to many virtual stores that receive millions of dollars annually in sales without having a physical store. According to CNBC, Jeff Bezos' company grew 37 percent during 2020.

We are talking about million-dollar, 100 percent digital businesses. If you are looking for a job, it may no longer be necessary to put on your best suit and tour the city: now the best company can be on your computer.

Tech Talent From Online Courses

If everything around us will have to do with technology and automation, then where will all these professionals come from? Will the universities only offer careers related to technology? This question already has an answer. This labor revolution not only has companies as the protagonists but also schools. Online courses such as bootcamps are preparing thousands of students who will be the future workers in the tech industry.

These intensive courses have high-quality standards. Grads bootcamps have many opportunities to work in important tech companies, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, or Microsoft. The demand for these services represents a considerable increase in current jobs. More and more companies require professionals in software development, coding, app design, data science, and many other areas.


The most important message in this article is about your skills as a worker. If you take a look at the trends in companies, you can understand how the demand for technological services has historical growth. Take advantage of your energy and your knowledge to succeed in this new stage in the world of work.


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