Sticking With Windows 7?


For those that wish to remain with Windows 7 remembering that it will be fully supported until 2020 here is the method to eliminate that continuous Nag to update to Windows10.

Open the command prompt by clicking on Start, then type CMD in the search panel and press Enter.

At the command prompt type:  wusa /uninstall /KB:3035583  and press Enter.

Note the spaces after wusa and uninstall. These are necessary.

After a few moments it will ask you if you really want to uninstall KB:3035583.  Click Yes and then wait a few minutes for the uninstall to happen.

It will then prompt you to do a restart, which, of course, you should do after ALL install/uninstall operations to let the Registry sort itself out.


Device Security in the Workplace







This is a brilliant site to obtain the precise weather in YOUR area. It gives a very detailed forecast for the week ahead, and can give you the weather even as far back as the day you were born!! If planningany outdoor activity, it is invaluable. It works anywhere in the world. If you are planning a trip to some place, it will tell you which day will be best or what to take to wear.


If you type in your own address, it will give the weather for the designated spot near your house for which the forecast applies. The sample shown is for a street about a mile from myhouse.







Many programmes can be downloaded from several portals (sites). Most will bundle in unwanted garbage - PUP's.     Very few will give you a moderately cleandownload.


The download portals that should be avoided at all costs are: Download.com, Tucows, and Softonic. They are VERY bad news and will almost certainly introduce rubbish that will add stuff you donot need and can even slow down your computer significantly.


Have a read of   http://blog.emsisoft.com/2015/03/11/mind-the-pup-top-download-portals-to-avoid/






Ransomware is getting more common nowadays. Even Hospitals are being hit.


Emsisoft have put out a collection of free downloads to rescue computers from ransomware.


Probably a good idea to keep a copy of this (external to your PC)

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